SurveyMaker for Adobe Connect 

SurveyMaker for Adobe Connect is a "custom pod" for use inside Adobe Connect meeting rooms, webinars, virtual classrooms and seminar rooms.   

"Custom pods" are applications that work inside a "share pod" within Adobe Connect sessions.

SurveyMaker allows you to create and run all types of "surveys" inside a single "share pod" in an Adobe Connect room, with the ability to control and customise the appearance of using colour, text, brand such as logos.

SurveyMaker only uses one share pod, this allows you to ask several questions in one area of the screen, unlike polls or renamed "chat" pods which are limited to one question per pod.  

Previously to achieve this level of functionality, external surveys (such as zommerang or surveymonkey) have needed to be used, leading to attendee's having to switch to a new browser tab (or window) to answer the "survey" - often not returning to the online session / webinar.

The types of surveys that can be created are almost unlimited, ranging from group responses such as end of classroom satisfaction / feedback surveys, to examination type scenarios during virtual job interviews.

In addition to better presentation, SurveyMaker has a wider range of question types that native Connect polls, you can choose from short text answer, multiple choice, multiple answer, likert scale / slider, position ranking.

SurveyMaker provides real-time analytic's via dynamic "answer grids" and a range of full colour graphs.  

Data collected ("answer datasets") are saved into an cloud / online database for later retrieval and comparative analysis, and any collected answers can also be exported to a "nicely formatted" CSV file for further analysis in spreadsheets or other applications.

SurveyMaker Templates  - any set of Survey questions can be saved as a "template", and these templates are stored in the cloud.  This allows a survey to be re-used in any Adobe Connect room, without having to create the questions again!   

SurveyMaker templates can be marked as "shared" templates, allowing your colleagues to hold the same "survey" in any other Adobe Connect room / session,

The core code of SurveyMaker is Flex based, with a Heroku hosted postgres back-end for data storage (All stored data is encrypted).

SurveyMaker works with Connect version 8 and 9. It is a paid and licensed app after a 30 day free-trial.